Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings: Wholesale Prices in Newmarket

A Fairytale Ring Made for a Princess Celebrate your engagement extravagantly and choose an engagement ring setting she'll love. Whether you choose a platinum or gold band, a popular diamond cut characterized by its brilliance, shape and sharp, uncut corners is the princess cut diamond. Unlike the traditional round diamond, ... read more

Unique Wedding Rings – Custom Diamond Rings Newmarket Ontario

Unique Wedding Rings - Far from Ordinary A wedding ring represents a lifetime commitment and unity between husband and wife. Whether you want to show the special woman in your life that she is one-of-a-kind with an exclusive diamond engagement ring that was crafted just for her, or you are ... read more

Unique Diamond Engagement Rings – Diamond Rings Priced Right

Diamond by design An engagment ring is a romantic and symbolic gesture signifying a commitment to marriage by a loving couple. It also is likely the most challenging decision anyone can face, especially without the input of the bride-to-be! The challenge is finding a ring design that reflects the personality ... read more

Custom Made Engagement Rings are Uniquely Beautiful

Custom Made Engagement Rings Are Uniquely Beautiful An engagement ring is one of the most significant jewelry purchases you will ever make. Yet many couples choose a diamond without much consideration of the many options available to them. Some head directly to a retail chain store, under the impression that ... read more

Custom Engagement Rings – Custom Diamond Rings – Newmarket, Ontario

Custom Engagement Rings There are many myths about engagement rings and how to buy them. Among the most pervasive fictions surrounding the subject is that large retail chains provide superior diamonds, and that custom engagement rings are a luxury item only the wealthy can afford. In fact, many independent jewelers ... read more

Diamonds Toronto – Custom Diamond Engagement Rings in Toronto

The Magic of Diamonds Diamonds possess a magical hold on us. Songs celebrate their beauty and desirability and our most significant occasions often include the gift of diamonds. We turn naturally to diamonds for engagement and wedding rings, jewelry to celebrate the birth of a child, or eternity rings to ... read more

Engagement Rings Are Considered The Top Jewelry Purchase

Engagement Rings Top the List of Most Significant Purchases A recent survey of jewelry store customers revealed that most consider an engagement ring the most important piece of jewelry they've ever purchased. The diamond – which represents eternal love – is one of the most powerful symbols in the modern ... read more

Diamond Rings Set -- Wholesale Jewelers Create Unique Custom Designs

Wholesale Jewelers Create Unique Custom Designs The classic scenario of a fiancé choosing an engagement ring and presenting it to his astonished intended on bended knee is charming, but the scene has grown more and more rare in today's world. Modern couples now most often shop for rings together, choosing ... read more

Custom Diamond Rings Are Uniquely Yours

Custom Diamond Rings Are Uniquely Yours Many young couples don't even look into purchasing a custom engagement ring – they mistakenly believe that choosing specific stones and helping to design a unique ring is a process that will be sure to break the bank. They might be surprised to learn ... read more

Diamond Rings Toronto - Custom Engagement Rings Newmarket, Ontario

The Right Jewelers Help You Choose The Right Diamonds Diamonds are associated with all the happiest and most significant moments of our lives – engagement and weddings, the birth of a child, and milestone anniversaries. If you are celebrating an important life event, you will want to ensure that the ... read more

Custom Diamond Engagement Rings: As Unique As Your Love

Custom Diamond Engagement Rings: As Unique As Your Love An engagement ring is more than a piece of jewelry. That special diamond ring represents love, commitment, and the beginning of a lifelong journey with your soul mate. You could purchase a standard ring from a chain jeweler. But why not ... read more